Dangers of Smoking

Although we are now much more conscious of the dangers of smoking, and a number of countries and states have introduced anti smoking laws, approximately 1 billion members of the world’s population are still smokers. And more are joining their numbers every day. Smoking in the richer countries tends to be seen more often in lower socio-economic groups. The problem is now so acute that governments and schools run courses to educate children about the dangers in the hope of preventing them from taking up smoking.

So how can we define the dangers of smoking? It has been proved to be the of many serious
diseases,including bronchitis, emphysema,ulcers and many forms of cancer. We all know that smoking causes lung cancer, but not so many people know that it can also be responsible for cancers of the bladder, kidneys, pancreas and liver, as well as more obvious parts of the body such as the throat and mouth. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are also directly related to smoking, amongst them heart attacks and strokes. did you know that as many as 300 people in the United Kingdom and over 1000 in the US die every day as a result of illnesses caused by smoking? Sadly, a high proportion of these deaths are relatively young people and they could all be avoided.

Smoking also leads to a lot of illnesses which are not so critical, but still cause a lot of discomfort and distress, as well as time off work and medical bills. If we take a look at some broader smoking statistic, we can see that in the wealthier, that is more highly developed parts of the planet, 2 million people die annually because they smoked and the shocking truth is that more than 50% of those people were in the 35 to 69 age range. The effects of smoking are far reaching, not only can they destroy the lives of smokers, but can also have a devastating effect on their loved ones.

Smoking not only has a detrimental effect on your health, it also has a negative effect on your looks, especially your face which will develop wrinkles earlier in life than otherwise. Heavy smokers also have horrible stains on their fingers.

If you are determined to to quit smoking but having a tough time of it, you’ll find that there are a huge range of smoking cessation methods out there. If you want to give up smoking, take some time to look at them all and then choose the one which you feel most comfortable with. A smoking addiction doesn’t usually disappear overnight and so you’ll need all the support you can get from professionals and friends.

The risks of cigarette smoking are undisputed and although everyone has the right to choose, it is important to think about smoking, why you are doing it, how it is affecting you and then weigh up the enjoyment you receive from cigarettes against the damage they are doing to your health. Once you are fully aware of the dangers of smoking, you must decide if it’s worth continuing.

Smoking Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Most people would agree that smoking is a bad habit. People who smoke often smell like cigarettes. They have ash in their hair, on their clothing, and on their furniture. They often have teeth that are yellow and stained, and that usually comes with bad breath. But smoking is more than an annoying habit. It’s also dangerous to your health. The dangers of smoking include many life-threatening diseases that are directly attributed to the chemicals contained in cigarette smoke. Smoking can also exacerbate other diseases. The effect of smoking on your health is serious and should therefore be taken seriously.

In 1966, the Surgeon General of the United States began putting warnings on cigarette packaging, such as: “Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health.” The dangers of smoking include emphysema, heart disease, lung cancer, and complications to pregnancy, such as fetal injury, premature birth, and low birth weight. These are all now specifically listed on cigarette packages to warn smokers of the risk that comes with smoking cigarettes. But beyond these specific ailments, smoking can also increase your risk for other conditions, like asthma, mouth and throat and even skin cancer, allergies, and even erectile dysfunction.

The dangers of smoking don’t just put smokers in harm’s way. It also hurts the people who are around cigarette smoke, even if they aren’t smoking themselves. Many smokers forget that those who are around them when they light up are forced to breathe in cigarette smoke. People exposed to secondhand smoke don’t get the benefit of a filter, either. Children who grow up in a home where one or both of their parents smoke are more likely to have asthma and nasal allergies. Pregnant women exposed to secondhand smoke also run a greater risk for the same complications to which women who smoke are exposing their unborn children.

And, once again, smoking health problems can affect one’s physical appearance as well. The dangers of smoking include alterations to your physical appearance. The skin around your lips will tend to get thin and wrinkled if you smoke, as the chemicals in cigarette smoke break down the skin’s elasticity. The smoker’s teeth will become yellowed and stained by the tobacco in the cigarettes. Tooth whitening can only do so much, and can also make teeth sensitive. You will also experience persistent bad breath. These may not be as serious as the diseases that smoking can cause, but they are still undesirable. Smoking is not simply a bad habit. It is a dangerous one.

The Real Dangers of Smoking

So, what are the greatest dangers of smoking?

Let’s face it. Each stick that you puff is a step closer to your grave. If you are concerned about your health and you are a citizen who is good enough to care about others, you will stop smoking right away and bravely face the effects of withdrawal because what you are doing is fatal to other people as well. It’s either smokers cannot read anti-smoking campaigns that are spread everywhere or they are too selfish that they cannot sacrifice their pleasure for a healthier society. For decades, people have already known the real dangers of smoking, and science shows that these are not merely myths. Over the years, science continues to unveil the short-term and long-term harmful effects of smoking to people who use and who are exposed to it.

Believe it or not, that small stick contains approximately 4,000 substances which include poisonous chemicals such as nicotine, arsenic, acetone, ammonia, cyanide, formaldehyde, etc. The list goes on. It’s quite insane that many people are willing to take these substances that are being used for preserving dead bodies, making explosives or cleaning up the toilet. In fact, lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths. Overall, cancer is second in the list of disease-related causes of death all over the world. 80-90% of deaths due to lung cancer are caused by smoking. Other forms of cancer that can be caused by smoking is breast cancer, kidney cancer, cancer of the pancreas and bladder cancer. It increases the risk of heart disease, tuberculosis and stroke which are the leading causes of death. These are only the direct effects of smoking. It is also linked to other risks including eye problems, diabetes, peptic ulcer and ovarian cancer.

Pregnant women who do not change despite the dangers of smoking put their lives and their children’s lives in danger. It can lead to stillbirth, premature birth or worse, miscarriage. Passive smokers, especially children, become vulnerable to chonic bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases. Men become highly susceptible to impotence.

Now that you are fully aware of the real dangers of smoking, you must take action right away and try every means to stop your addiction. One of the proven effective ways to help quit smoking are stop smoking pills such as Chantix and Zyban. These are affordable medication for both men and women, available in drugstores, chain stores and in the Internet. Chantix helps smokers by preventing nicotine from reaching the brain, so smokers will not feel the pleasure that they get from smoking and will soon lose the urge to continue the habit. Zyban works for smokers who stopped smoking and prevents them from going back by minimizing the side effects of withdrawal.

A cigarette is like suicide on-a-stick but worse. It’s a devil who gets excited as you bring yourself and the people around you closer to death and gives you a piece of addictive pleasure with every step forward. Because of that pleasure, you forget all the dangers of smoking and live your life as if you were normal. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a hospital bed surrounded with needles and tubes the next morning you wake up. It was your choice, but now is the chance to change it.

Dangers of Smoking Cigarette Tobacco

Experts suggest we all have our drug of choice. “Drug” in this instance refers to a negative habit, such as smoking, that has rendered us powerless to stop. But, when the dangers of smoking cigarettes are known, many people have found the courage to take their power back.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “smoking harms nearly every organ of the body.” That’s pretty scary considering the number of organs in the human body.

Recent statistics show that in the U.S., smoking cigarettes account for one out of five deaths annually.

Let’s look at a few lesser known dangers of smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine is contained in cigarettes. If the nicotine in one cigarette was reduced to liquid and introduced to the human body as an intravenous injection, instantaneous death would result.
There are about 43 carcinogens in tobacco. Smoking tobacco heightens the risk of various cancers such as, bladder, esophagus, kidney, larynx, mouth, lung, pancreas and stomach.
Manufacturers have introduced the equivalent of over 4000 chemicals into one cigarette to ensure they burn better.
Males who smoke one year or longer can develop impotence and/or erectile dysfunction.
Tobacco is instantly addictive.
Tobacco is a multi-billion dollar annual business. Cigarette manufacturers have long refused to disclose lesser-known dangers of smoking. In essence, the health of Americans is being compromised to protect their healthy bottom-line.

Lung Diseases Result from Smoking Cigarettes

Lung cancer is the most familiar of the dangers of smoking tobacco. One out of ten chronic smokers dies from lung cancer. The remaining nine may develop chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma or a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Does Smoking Affect the Brain?

Many people believe that smoking improves concentration. Fact: a reduction in the brain’s supply of oxygen, caused from smoking tobacco, brings about a lack of concentration.

Chronic smokers are at increased risk of a brain stroke. Nicotine causes thicker blood and arteries suffer loss of elasticity. Eventually arteries will become blocked, which could culminate in a brain stroke.

Does Smoking Cigarettes Affect the Heart?

Smoking cigarettes creates a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease. Because smoking “steals” good cholesterol and raises blood pressure, it could cause fatty substances to build-up in the arteries. Clogged arteries a.k.a. atherosclerosis increase the risk of blood clots.

Atherosclerosis is the #1 cause of death in America.

Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes are multitudinous. Smoking cigarettes is the most preventable cause of death in America.

How Cancer Will Ruin Your Health

Whenever you buy a pack of cigarettes, I am sure that you get to read the government warning label. Can’t remember what that is? The government warning label is the sentence that says, “Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.” So what are the dangers of smoking?

Cancer is a danger of smoking. Because of the known carcinogens and mutagens found in cigarettes and tobacco products, it is not a mystery how smoking causes cancer. Cancers of the oral cavity, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer are just some examples. In the United States, 87% of lung cancer cases are linked to smoking. Lung cancer risk of secondhand smokers is increased by 20 to 30%.

Another danger of smoking is its effects on the heart. Because nicotine causes narrowing of the blood vessels which leads to blockage, smokers are 5 times more at risk of suffering a heart attack. And nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke have increased risk of developing heart disease by 25 to 30%. Other diseases include stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and atherosclerosis.

The immune system is also harmed by smoking. The risk of acquiring various infections like common colds, invasive pneumococcal disease, chronic bronchitis, and other pulmonary and respiratory infections is increased by smoking. If a smoker consumes 20 or more cigarettes a day, acquiring tuberculosis is increased by 2 to 4 times.

Another danger of smoking is the likelihood of a miscarriage. It is discouraged for pregnant women to smoke because it deprives oxygen for the fetus. Smoking while pregnant can cause the infant to be born with low birth weight and small for gestational age. These could lead to more infant diseases like jaundice and breathing difficulty. Sudden infant death syndrome has also been linked to smoking while pregnant.

Other dangers of smoking are the development of diseases such as chronic pulmonary disease, emphysema, asthma, allergies, and many others.

All these dangers of smoking cause death. A smoker’s life expectancy is reduced by 2.5 to 10 years. And for each consumed cigarette, a smoker loses 11 minutes of his life! These facts are what made smoking as the second major cause of death worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Quit smoking now! Quit before it is too late!

Don’t let the fear of smoking and disease take over your life. Get the facts about how to stop smoking.

What Are the Dangers of Smoking Tobacco

The danger of smoking tobacco is substantial and it becomes difficult to name every single ill effect. All cigarette packs are available with statutory warnings. These detail possible bad effects and dangers of smoking.

The most important dangers associated with smoking tobacco are:


Cancer is a fatal disease and tobacco is a major cause for cancers of different types like those of lung, stomach, pancreas, of the oral cavity, esophagus, and others. Tobacco contains many carcinogenic substances. These are responsible for such cancers.

Heart Ailments

Tobacco contains nicotine. This causes narrowing of blood vessels leading to blockages. Your heart is unable to pump blood. This causes heart attack. Smokers are highly vulnerable to heart attacks than nonsmokers. Cardiovascular diseases develop due to accumulation of plaque in inner lining of blood vessels like coronary arteries.

Major Diseases

Tobacco addiction causes other fatal diseases like strokes, atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease, and ailments of the kidney and lungs. Your overall body immunity levels fall and you are not able to fight away infections and diseases before they set in. Bronchitis infections are paramount in smokers as tobacco damages the lungs. Your body is unable to get sufficient supply of oxygen. If you smoke more than twenty cigarettes a day, risk of tuberculosis is very high.

Other Effects

Inhaling tobacco for a long time has many far-reaching effects. You develop stains on your fingers and teeth. These are permanent stains and they do not go away. Your clothes also develop stains and the environment you live in smells of cigarette smoke. You cause people around you to turn into passive smokers. Passive smoking is harmful to health of children.

The danger of smoking manifests itself in so many different ways. You can combat these dangers of smoking only by quitting smoking. You have so many options to quit smoking but you need to know that you only have a 5% chance of quitting smoking if you try to quit “cold turkey.”

Your chances of quitting smoking increase drastically if you use a stop smoking method to help you avoid the danger of smoking. One method you may want to explore because it has a very high success rate and it is all natural is NLP.

NLP works by targeting and eliminating the cravings to smoke making kicking the smoking habit much easier. The dangers of smoking will disappear from your life when you quit smoking.